OLLI Scholars

Attention Grad Students:
The OLLI Scholar Program provides exceptional students who are experts in their field of study an opportunity to teach for OLLI during one of our three sessions—fall, winter, and spring. Approved graduate student course leaders (OLLI Scholars) will receive a $1,000 stipend to prepare and present one course and must obtain the endorsement of his/her adviser. OLLI Scholars must be students enrolled in a program during the term in which their course is delivered.

OLLI is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year. If you wish to submit an idea for consideration, complete the OLLI Scholar Interest Form below. See steps below for deadlines. It is preferred that you submit your idea ASAP.

Please follow these steps if you are interested in taking part in the OLLI Scholar program.

1) Complete the following form by May 18, 2018: OLLI Scholar Interest Form.

2) You will be contacted by the OLLI office or an OLLI volunteer to further discuss your idea. You may be asked to complete a course proposal form.

Thank you for your interest in OLLI.

OLLI Scholar Testimonial:

"As a graduate student, I do not often get the chance to be observed teaching by my busy, supervising faculty members. Because so many OLLI members are current or emeritus faculty, by teaching a course for OLLI, I had the opportunity for my presentations and courses to be constructively criticized. This program allowed me an opportunity to engage with learned individuals from diverse fields who offered wide perspective in my field. When living and working in a field for so long, one can often lose sight of the big picture. Framing courses for OLLI students gave me an opportunity to 'zoom out' and to see how my field fits into the greater society.

"OLLI students and staff are incredibly supportive and excited about learning. They joyously exchange knowledge. I was also able to develop a course curriculum and 'test-drive' it on the OLLI students who are kind but fearless in their engagement, asking incredibly intelligent and insightful questions. With the feedback and interaction from OLLI students, my courses are improved! I now have many courses that can be easily developed and translated for teaching at any university.

"I always left my classes learning more about myself and my art from having interacted with these brilliant people."
—Zachary Colby, Tenor, DMA Candidate Voice, University of Minnesota, PhD Candidate