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About OLLI Membership

When you join OLLI, you pay an annual membership fee which allows you access to participate in courses, events, and other special opportunities. If you join mid-year, the fee is prorated. All memberships are renewed annually prior to the fall term. All courses are included in your membership but some courses have additional fees for such things as transportation or materials. An annual OLLI membership is $220 and includes three requests during the request period. During the additional registration period, you may sign up for as many additional courses as you wish.

Membership Includes

  • Access to hundreds of courses and activities per year
  • Social events
  • Special Interest Groups, or SIGs
  • Quarterly Course Guides
  • Travel opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities

OLLI Membership Benefits & Responsibilities


  • Access to OLLI courses led by volunteer course leaders who are experts in their fields and eager to share their knowledge and love of learning
  • Access to over 40 Special Interest Groups and the opportunity to create your own
  • OLLI Course Guide mailed to the home or emailed in a PDF file, per your preference
  • Free admittance to at least three OLLI social events per year
  • Access to participation in OLLI and U of M Alumni Association trips and travel (all trip fees apply)
  • Free admittance to other special OLLI-sponsored presentations and events
  • Invitation to participate in University and community special events and research projects of interest to the OLLI community


  • Be up to date in membership fees payment
  • Enrollment in courses is on an equal opportunity basis
  • Recognize that you are not guaranteed enrollment in the courses of your first choice
  • Attend courses in which you are enrolled
  • Do not attend courses in which you are not enrolled
  • Drop courses that you will not continue to attend
  • Comply with requests from course leaders and course assistants during a course
  • RSVP carefully to events understanding that there are costs associated with nonattendance and that these costs adversely impact other members
  • Understand that OLLI is a guest at sites used for courses and, as such, respect the policies and culture of the site
  • Wear name badge to courses, events, and other OLLI-related gatherings
  • Volunteer your time and expertise for OLLI. OLLI is a volunteer-powered organization and members aid in the success of the program

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